The exhibition was made possible with friendly support of the German Embassy

‘B-side a Heroine – A Tale of the Anti-Heroine’ refers to the B-side of Vinyl singles. While the main song was recorded on the A-side, the reverse B-side gave space to titles that did not fit into the concept of the album – often because they were too experimental or unusual.

Anti-Heroines, a new type of medial representation of women, showed up in TV series like ‘Homeland’ or ‚A Good Wife‘ and do not fit in the concept of a regular Heroine. They are powerful characters, but refuse the moral expectations society puts on female role models and through them on women in general. The Anti-Heroine is a complex and sometimes startling aggressive woman, bearing traits of mythical figures of the past like the Fates, the Witches or the Amazons. 

The German-Israeli exhibition creates a visual narrative around the dark side of the heroic female role model. Twelve visual artists explore the B-side of the idealistic heroines that for so long shaped our ideas of how to be a “real woman” and offer an alternative point of view.

With Hannan Abu-Hussein, Nasrin Abu Baker, Tina Bara, Nino Biniashvili, Raya Bruckenthal, Nezaket Ekici, Raafat Hattab, Roey Victoria Heifetz, Hila Lulu Lin Farah Kufr Bir’im, Ulrike Ottinger, Cornelia Renz and Yocheved Weinfeld.