Hannan Abu Hussein

Hannan Abu-Hussein, Vagina , Mixed media, 2001-9

Hannan Abu Hussein, *geboren 1972 in Umm el-Fahem, Israel

lives and works in Jerusalem. Hannan Abu-Hussein’s work explores the status of Palestinian women, the oppression of women in Palestinian society, violence against women, and the integration (or lack thereof) of Palestinian women into Israeli society.

Abu Hussein’s work reveals the paradoxes and contradictory feelings Palestinian women have about their bodies. They fight between their right to freedom of expression and their survival in a society that imposes strict rules and restrictions on their looks and actions. Hannan Abu Husseins approaches these issues by integrating rituals from the daily lives of women in the Palestinian community in her work.

Awards and Scholarships

From 1998 to 2002, Abu Hussein was promoted by the American-Israeli Fund for Outstanding Artist. In 2002 she received a scholarship from the Heinrich Böll Fund, followed in 2005 by the Young Artist Reward of the Israeli Ministry of Education. In 2010 she was awarded the Education Award by the Ministry of Education and in 2011 the Master Teacher Award. In 2012, she received the Artist Book Award from the Mifal Hapais Culture and Art Council and, in 2014, the Arts Award from the Ministry of Culture and Sports.