Nino Biniashvili

Nino Biniashvili, Dionysian Mysteries, Drawing, Collage, Projector, 2018

Nino Biniashvili, *1980 in Tbilisi, Georgia

lives and works in Jerusalem. During her MFA studies in Stockholm in 2009, she founded the independent publishing platform Bookieman, which publishes limited editions of books, focusing on collaboration between artists from different fields and critical thinkers.

Biniashvili analyzes in her work the possibilities and problems of communication between cultures and people. All her adult life she lived in exile.

The efforts and failures of becoming part of a foreign society have occupied her both as a person and as an artist. Which adaptation strategies are necessary to be seen as a member of a community, a gender or a culture? What do you have to sacrifice to be recognized? And after all these sacrifices, are we still recognizable as an independent person?

Prizes and Scholarships:

She was awarded the ‚Yossy Stern Grant for Excellence‘ in Fine Arts in 2005, and an Honorary Award from the OUTPUT Foundation, Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2009. In 2009 and 2010 she received a scholarship from the Ulla Fröberg Cramér Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden, as well as the Ivar Björkman Fellowship for Outstanding Art in Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden. In 2014 she was Research Fellow of the Black Star Collection at the Ryerson Image Center in Toronto, Canada. In 2017, she received the Mifal Hapais Culture and Art Council Award and in 2018 the Ben Yitzhak Award for the Illustration of Books from the Israel Museum in Israel.