Raya Bruckenthal

Raya Bruckenthal, Miss Piggy, Video, full HD, 10 min. (detail), 2003/2018

Raya Bruckental, *1975 in Tel Aviv, Israel

lives and works in Jerusalem. In her work, Bruckental explores concepts and contents of Jewish religious and cultural topics, which she confronts with those of pop culture, Israeli and international cinema. This contrast adds a further dimension to her investigations and invites the viewer to a complex, alternative reading of her works. The multilayered comparison of two different strands of society mirrors at the same time her personal struggle as a person, first educated in strict Jewish-Orthodox traditions who then is confronted by a primarily secular Art scene.

The overlap between the Orthodox-Jewish tradition and the contemporary, secular culture created in her works show the ambivalence of an orthodox tradition in an enlightened, modern present and Bruckental’s works fascinate and at the same time disturb the viewer.

Prizes and Scholarships:

In 2008, she was honored by the New Israeli Foundation for Cinema and Television and the Mifal Hapais Culture and Art Council for her ‚Kind of Birth‘ video. In 2014, she received the Creative Encouragement Award for Art and Design from the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and in 2016 she received a Mifal Hapais Culture and Art Council Award for her project ‚Welfare of the Monarchy‘.